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Field of wheat

The Farmers

The Farmers

Over the last 20+ years, we've had the good fortune to work with many wonderful organic farmers in our region and across the state for our raw ingredient needs, farmers like:

Gonzalez-Siemens Family Farm

Nate and Bekki Siemens are providing us with our red wheat (Joaquin Oro) this year. They farm land in both Modoc and Kern counties. Our Joaquin Oro was grown in Kern County, outside Wasco. Nate has been active for years advocating for the development of the necessary infrastructure to allow small-scale, sustainable graingrowing to flourish in California.

Fillmore Farms

The Fillmores have been farming in Gridley since 1917. We have been using their delicious walnuts for many years. The children of Gerald and Brit Fillmore are carrying on the family tradition of stewardship and produce some of the most flavorful walnuts you will find anywhere.

Peachy Ag.

Marvin Peachy has a beautiful farm in Humboldt County where he’s grown a number of crops. Lately, he’s been focusing more on some interesting wheat varieties. This year, Miller’s Bake House is using Marvin’s organic Einkorn and Khorasan, as well as his rye, in our breads. This is the first year we’ve been able to source Einkorn and/or Khorasan from a Northern California farmer and we’re excited about the prospect of working with Peachy Ag. going forward.

Alvarado Farms

Our almonds come from Alvarado Farms. Many of you will recognize them from their booth at the Chico Saturday Farmer’s Market where they sell their almonds and the most amazing almond butter available.

"Another great disappointment has recurred - Mr. Hunt [Bidwell's miller] is on another spree! This morning he was found in one of the lowest dives in town at a gambling table. He had evidently been on a debauch all night long. (He will have to go)........His loss will be irreparable! For there is no doubt that he is the best miller in the state."
- John Bidwell, Chico's founder, from a letter to his wife, Annie Nov. 5, 1884