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Our History

a young man jumping in the air while playing red bagpipes

Inspired to bake in Scotland. Fell in love with a beautiful little bakery I passed each day on my way to classes at University of Edinburgh.

Founded Communicake Student Services at Macalester College - St. Paul, MN Made birthday cakes from Betty Crocker mixes, delivered to students' dorm rooms.

Worked as dishwasher, bread packer, then baker at Sherman Bakery - Minneapolis, MN

Apprenticed for Richard Bourdon of Berkshire Mt. Bakery - Housatonic, MA

Apprenticed at Boulangerie Savoyard - France, Boulangerie Artisinal - Luxembourg, De Bio Dynamische Bakkerij - Antwerp, Belgium.

a white and black cow putting it's face in the camera

Managed Nokomis Farms Bakery - E. Troy, WI.

Started Wunder Brot Bakery - Escondido, CA

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Bought Ponce Bakery - Chico, CA

Built Miller's Bake House - Yankee Hill, CA

"Old bread is not hard. No bread, that is hard."
- German Proverb